We have set this section of our website as a helpful guide for those who are unsure about claiming and questions that we are familiar with answering.

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Can I call you for free advice?

Yes, our team of friendly experts are more than happy to help, answering any questions you have regarding a claim, even if you’re unsure whether you’re eligible.

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Can I make a No Win No Fee claim?

Yes Absolutely! We offer a No Win No Fee service for your claim so you have no need to be worried on incurring any extra added cost and bills by solicitors as you will not have any. Primarily discussing the details of your case with our personal injuries claims and road traffic accident (RTA) specialist will allow the assessment of whether you have a claim.

How long does a personal injury claim take to settle?

We can’t answer that until we know about your individual accident claim.

But, we can say that an uncontested, relatively straight-forward injury claim may be finalised in a matter of a couple of months

Matters can alter the timeline of your claim, these range from:

1.  Disputes – The respondent may not agree with the claim if this does happen our panel of solicitors have the best advice to give to you.
2.  Insurance companies – Sadly, insurance company’s can be slow at responding and releasing funds. Once again, we have the best panel of solicitors that will be able to speed up the process.
3.  Medical experts -Are so high in demand that this can create difficulties.  Claim 3000’s panel of solicitors only use the best national medical experts, so we will make sure your claim goes through as quickly as possible.

The length of time it takes to make your claim really does depend upon your individual case circumstances. 

Each claim is treated on a case by case basis and can be difficult to state a specific time frame on the end date. 

When the case has been taken on by your legal team and the initial stage of your claim has started then your solicitor will be able to advise on a timeframe.

Here is an example of how long it may take for your claim:

  • Personal Injury Claim i.e. a claim for minor whiplash claim process could take up to 6 months to get settled (approx). A case more complex in personal injuries such as a trip, slip or fall may be anything from 6 months to over one year long (approx).

  • Work Accidents – could take six months to one year depending on the complex amount of injuries sustained.

  • Medical Negligence – can be complex and take time as it takes time to investigate, and collate and collect evidence, the approximate timeframe of 12-28 months

However, all settlements can be prolonged if the defendant disputes your claim.

Please Contact us if you have any doubts on your claim and how long it will take to settle.

How do I make a personal injury claim?

Our team will take all your details required from the claim you were inolved in and advise you on your case.

The moment you bring your claim to us we will begin our investigation and notify you on whether you have a potential claim case on your hands. We only advise you to take if we believe you have grounds to do so.

The next stage depends on you starting the personal injury claim with us and then we would start the personal injury claim process.

Our independent panel of solicitors will handle your personal injury claim case and determine its worth dependant on your personal injury claim.

You will then enter into an agreement and a signature would be required as consent for our solicitors to act on your behalf to handle your claim.

Our solicitors will then contact the third party and file a letter of claim as them being responsible for your damages incurred in your personal injury injury claim.

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